2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CEDUC 2352 Elementary Education

The linking of theory and practice, begun in the student's freshman year, is continued with a focus on the elementary school curriculum. Students develop an understanding of the philosophical and historical foundations of education which have influenced the nature of schools today. The academic, social, and emotional needs of all children in our rapidly changing, multicultural society are considered as students learn to plan and teach effective lessons to meet the developmental needs of learners. They also design an interdisciplinary unit of study which can be taught in their field settings. Emphasis is placed on learning the skills of evaluation which are applied in all of their teaching. They learn to reflect critically about their effectiveness and to redesign teaching approaches, based on concrete data. A field experience of one day a week for approximately 10 weeks of the semester is integrated into the course.

Both a grade of C+ and successful completion of the field experience are required to advance in the major.




CEDUC 1352