2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CEDUC 2432 Introduction to Global and Comparative Education

This course is designed to facilitate students' development of a global perspective on education systems, approaches, and perspectives through an international experience in comparative education.  In the host country, students will participate in local educational projects, visit local educational institutions, and research locally and globally relevant educational issues from a comparative perspective.  Students will explore theory and methods of inquiry used by social scientists in the comparative traditions to make sense of host country history, economics, politics, culture, and development, in relation to education.  They will document, analyze, and reflect on their experiences through a scholarly academic paper, daily reflexive writing, inquiry circles, and a reflective synthesis project.  Through praxis (reflection and action) with local constituents in an international context, students will gain deeper global awareness, cultural sensitivity, and understanding of the possibilities of education for social justice in both global and local contexts.




January or summer