2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CEDUC 4356 Mental Health and Management Strategies for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Principles of guidance for working with children, parents, professional staff, and the community are explored. This course gives students the opportunity to examine federal, state, and local services, and to consider the moral and ethical issues involved in advising others. A broad variety of issues and problems affecting children with special learning needs both in and out of the school setting are explored. Emphasis is on developing the ability to create an accepting climate for these children and on fostering attitudinal changes in teachers, administrators, and the community at large. Part of the course is re-defined yearly according to student needs. This course is part of the sequence of courses in Special Education. Students must fulfill the certification-related competencies assigned to the course in order to receive a passing grade.




CPSYC 1101, CPSYC 2401, CSPED 2354, CEDUC 3374, and senior class standing