2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CHMSR 4551 Senior Capstone Seminar: Human Services and Counseling

This course is designed as a senior capstone course for both Human Services majors and Counseling majors. Students critically examine selected contemporary issues related to the development of public policy and legislation. Topic explorations include study of the ethical issues related to service delivery and how political, economic, and social pressures impact policy development. Through analysis of targeted contemporary issues (e.g., teenage pregnancy, child abuse, AIDS, homelessness), students will examine the connections between social policy, the human service worker, and the delivery of human services.




CHMSR 2551, CPLCY 3552, CCOUN 3601, OR CHMSR 3701 and senior status


Fall and Spring semesters


A minimum grade of "C" is required to meet the requirements of the major