2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CLANG 3101 The World of Spanish: Texts and Images

This course will be completely conducted in Spanish. The course offers an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Spanish language and its cultural significance. Throughout the course students will examine a variety of cultural texts including literature, film, and music. Literary and other written texts will provide examples of language through time and forms of expression in the different Spanish-speaking regions. Through a biweekly composition component students will develop their proficiency in the written language. In-class discussions will bring out cultural and linguistic components of the course; introduce students to literary and cultural analysis; and improve oral skills. Spanish language films will offer an opportunity to hear the language in a variety of voices and to see the cities and landscapes of the Spanish speaking worlds. The final project will include research, the composition of an essay and an in-class oral presentation of the project.




CLANG 2103 or CLANG 2104