2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CMGMT 4300 Managing in the Global Economy

In this course, students explore the relationship among culture, politics, and economics and their influence on American firms doing business in international markets.  The course focuses on the process of globalization, and offers alternative perspectives on the complex issues that impact organizations engaged in business abroad.  Topics include emerging views of consumer behavior, organizational adaptation to local life and work patterns, and ethical issues that firms and individuals must recognize and respond to in order to live and work in international communities.




CMGMT 1451, CMGMT 2455, CMGMT 2457, CMGMT 2550, CMGMT 2551, CMGMT 3202, CMGMT 3460, CMGMT 3464, CMGMT 3468, CMGMT 3469, CMGMT 3470, CMGMT 3560, CECON 2101, CECON 2102, CMATH 1590


Fall semester