2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CMGMT 4900 Strategic Management Capstone

This capstone course applies the concepts learned in many previous business management courses. Central to the outcome of the course will be the completion of a 5-step strategic analysis performed on an organization in which the student assesses the mission, external analysis, internal analysis and considers the organization's decisions and efforts pertaining to their functional, business, corporate and global strategies. It is recommended that students have reached senior standing or have permission of the division chair.




CMGMT 1451, CMGMT 2455, CMGMT 2457, CMGMT 2550, CMGMT 2551, CMGMT 3202, CMGMT 3460, CMGMT 3464, CMGMT 3468, CMGMT 3469, CMGMT 3470, CMGMT 3560, CMGMT 4300, CECON 2101, CECON 2102, CMATH 1590


Spring semester