2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CMGMT 6760 Measuring Success

This is a course for non-quantitatively trained professionals who will be making data driven decisions. As our world becomes awash in data, from suppliers/ customers/ trade associations/ third party ancillary services, it is critical that organizations have professionals who can:

  • Summarize data
  • Find meaning in data
  • Find patterns in data

This course will explore Descriptive analytics (often called reports); Predictive analytics (predicting the likelihood of a phenomenon); and Prescriptive analytics (suggesting a course of action for the future).The goal is to speak the language of analytics and ask the right kind of questions.In short, be able to measure the success of your decisions.




Open to matriculated students in the MSM, Accelerated MSM, and Accelerated MBA programs or by permission of the instructor