2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CNSCI 3100 Internship and Seminar

Internships at Lesley are designed to provide students with opportunities to perform research/field work in conjunction with practicing professionals in a supervised field setting. With the help of an advisor and the internship office, a student identifies fieldwork that complements his/her major and interest within that major and his/her own educational and professional objectives. This internship is an important experience, functioning as a catalyst for making important contacts in the workplace, building higher levels of skills to more effectively position you for success in the job market, and positively influencing post graduation employment or the pursuit of graduate school. The seminar is designed to support your work in the field and to provide a framework for analyzing the internship site through its structures, behaviors and cultures. The seminar provides a forum for discussion about organizational change, new trends and patterns, and anticipated issues in global environments.




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