2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CNSCI 3102 Science and Ethics of Gardening (Fall and Spring)

This course focuses on the biological, ecological, and social impacts and opportunities of how food is grown. Students take collaborative responsibility for the regular maintenance, outreach, and future development of Lesley University Urban gardening plots. Students will participate in discussions, lectures, field trips, and presentations. Topics covered in this course include the history of agriculture, soil science, garden chemistry, sustainable gardening, community involvement, and cooking. The class will address such questions as: Where does your food come from? What is organic? What do we mean by community? How can organic gardening contribute to a sustainable community system? We will explore the science behind the food we eat and examine the ethical issues that influence the choices we make. Students can take either or both semester courses, in any order, and in any given semester can combine the course with a 1.5-credit Independent Study to receive 3 credits.




Any CBIOL or CPHYS class