2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CNSCI 4200 Wetlands: Ecology, Hydrology, Restoration (Marine Studies Consortium Course)

This course examines the vital role of wetlands in the hydrology and ecology of global landscapes. The function of inland and coastal marshes, swamps and bogs, and their role in water and nutrient cycles, will be examined. Students will also survey the biodiversity of wetlands habitats, from microbes to vertebrates. The biological links between wetlands and human activities, such as agriculture, coastal development, and fisheries will be considered, as well as the legal framework for the protection and restoration of endangered wetlands.




One year of an introductory science (geology, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, or economics); and two semesters of upper level (elective) science courses.


every Fall. Off campus; Marine Studies Consortium course; involves fee