2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CPHYS 4104 Physical Geology: A New England Perspective

Physical Geology deals with the materials and the dynamic systems that make up the Earth. Geology, from the Greek geo, earth" and logos "discourse" is the science that pursues an understanding of planet Earth. Topics covered include the composition and structure of the Earth; plate tectonics; the processes responsible for the slow building and destruction of landscapes; the origin and interpretation of geologic structures; and the causes and significance of catastrophic events such as floods volcanic eruptions tsunamis and landslides. As a great deal of geology is based on observations and experiments conducted in the field this course also includes a field component. Visits to several sites in eastern Massachusetts will highlight local geology and the processes responsible for their formation. A final project/presentation is required.




CPHYS 1104 or its equivalent


every other Spring