2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CPSYC 1551 Foundations and Systems in the Helping Professions

This course introduces students to a wide range of human service professions, with particular attention paid to art therapy, counseling, expressive arts therapy, human services, holistic psychology and psychology. Students will get an overview of the history and methods of the human service professions. Career opportunities are explored through guest presentations and assignments in community settings. The values and ethical issues facing professionals are introduced as students plan and prepare for their Sophomore internship.

NOTE: Students must achieve a minimum grade of C to progress into CPSYC 2551 for the following majors: Art Therapy, Counseling, Expressive Arts Therapy, Holistic Psychology & Wellness, and Psychology.

Students who do not meet the minimum grade requirement may only repeat this course once.




Spring. Fall semester available to students with 30+ credits only