2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CPSYC 4908 Honors Advanced Research Seminar

This course will build upon knowledge from CSOCS 3444 to provide further training in conducting literature reviews, critically reviewing articles from scientific journals, learning how to obtain permission to conduct research from IRBs, learn how to present research in public forums, and greater in-depth knowledge in how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research. In this course, students will develop a highly focused area of research and will spend a great part of their course reviewing relevant literature, obtaining permission from IRB to collect data, if necessary, and developing a proposal for a senior thesis that will be completed in the spring semester of senior year. Students will seek approval for their proposal by a committee of faculty members with appropriate expertise related to the student’s proposal topic.




Admission to PsyAT Research Honors program; minimum grade of C+ in CSOCS 3444