2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CSOCL 3121 Women, Men and Work

This course will analyze the social organization of contemporary work in the United States today and major work issues with a particular focus on gender and the ways in which men and women have both different and similar work experiences and expectations. The course will examine the relationship between gender socialization; sense of self; family roles; and the social, economic, and political forces which shape men's and women's work. Throughout the course, students will examine the ways in which race/ethnicity and class affect women's and men's work experiences and opportunities. Topics will include: historical changes in men's and women's work in the United States; working in different occupational sectors in the labor force; relationship between work in the family and work outside the family; affirmative action and comparable worth; unionization; sexual harassment; and traditional and non-traditional roles. The course will conclude with a study of public policy regarding work in the United States and a comparative view of work in developing nations.