2019-2020 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CSWRK 3301 Challenging Racism

Since its inception, the social work profession has been committed to developing services that promote diversity and alleviate social oppression and injustice. This course is an examination of the dynamics of racism and its intersectionality with various forms of oppression in US society. Through course readings, case studies and experiential activities, we will examine and engage in an analysis of racism from structural, psychological and applied perspectives. A focus of this course will be on the impact of race and racism for consumers, services and social work/helping professions. The goal of this course is to stimulate skills of critical analysis, provide and understanding of critical race theory, and heighten self-awareness. We will also begin to identify how social workers and helping professionals can intervene and oppose racism personally and professionally. In addition to the development of skills consistent with anti-racism work, students will actively engage in an action project.




Offered Spring semester