2020-2021 Graduate Academic Catalog

M.Ed. in Early Childhood (PreK-2) with Add-License Preparation for English as a Second Language (PreK-6) 46 credits

The early childhood portion of this program is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for Initial Teacher License in Early Childhood (PreK-2) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This program consists of courses that lead to an Initial teacher license in early childhood education, with an emphasis on the inclusion of all children. In addition to challenging and engaging coursework, students will gain a rich and relevant preparation for teaching by participating in a full-time practicum in early childhood classrooms.

While this program endorses candidates for only the early childhood license, it prepares them well to add the English as a Second Language (ESL) license through a year-long internship in a diverse school/classroom, which includes field experiences in PreK-2 classrooms with ESL, sheltered English immersion, or bilingual learners.

Program prerequisite: An approved child development course completed with a grade of B or better. Without such a course, students may be accepted into the program but must take EEDUC 5131 Developments in Cultural Contexts.

Language Requirement: Documentation of having earned a minimum of 3 college credits in a language other than English or equivalent must be submitted prior to program completion. For non-native English speakers, English is considered to be the foreign language.

Program of Study

Courses may have prerequisites for registration; please check course descriptions before registering.

Required Courses 40 credits

All of the following required courses, except EEDUC 5115 and EEDUC 6058, must be completed prior to EEDUC 7727, and many courses include field-based assignments.

EECLD 6004First and Second Language Acquisition and Oral Development


EEDUC 5115Families, Society, and Schools


EEDUC 5139Learning Mathematics in Early Childhood


EEDUC 5130Early Childhood STEAM and Health


EEDUC 6109Observation, Documentation, and Assessment


EEDUC 5138Literacy, Literature, and the Arts in the Early Childhood Classroom


EEDUC 6058Anti-Bias Communities in Early Childhood


EECLD 6002Essential Linguistics: What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Language


ESPED 5037Strategies for Inclusive Schooling


EARED 6116Early Childhood Arts, History and Social Science


EECLD 6115Sheltered English Instruction (PreK-6)


EECLD 6007Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: Literacy and Literature


EECLD 6012Assessment for Equity and Inclusion of CLD Learners: Linguistic/Cultural Differences and Disabilities


EECLD 6115 may be waived with documented state approved Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) endorsement, which would reduce total number of program credits to 42.

Practicum (6 credits):

Prerequisites: successful completion of required pre-practicum courses; satisfactory completion of appropriate Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) requirements. This full-time, full-year experience is accompanied by a weekly seminar (one semester) and requires a field experience fee. Approximately half the year will be in a Pre-K or kindergarten classroom, and the other half will be in a first or second grade classroom.

EEDUC 7727Practicum and Seminar in Early Childhood Education (PreK-2)