2020-2021 Graduate Academic Catalog

CAGS in Specialist Teacher of Reading (All Levels) 45 credits

This program is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for Initial License in Specialist Teacher of Reading (All Levels) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This program offers thorough training in literacy strategies and approaches to meet the needs of diverse student learners. Candidates work with faculty on the cutting edge of literacy research, pedagogy, and policy, and focus on staff development as well as direct services to students across the grades.

Ideal for established K-12 practitioners looking to further develop their literacy skills and move to a higher-level degree while acquiring their specialist teacher of reading license, this advanced degree is of particular value to individuals who seek positions with responsibility for curriculum, staff development, and supervision.

Note: An Initial or Professional license and at least one year of teaching experience under that license are required by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to be eligible for a License as a specialist teacher of reading.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Master's degree in education
  • Initial or Professional license for classroom or special education teacher
  • EEDUC 5400 Literacy and Literature: Methods and Materials (1-6) (or equivalent)
  • EEDUC 5122 Development and Learning: Psycho-social Perspectives in Education (or a course in child development and a course in adolescent development)
  • EECLD 6115 Sheltered English Instruction (PreK-6) or EECLD 6116 Sheltered English Instruction (5-12)

Program of Study

Courses may have prerequisites for registration; please check course descriptions before registering.

Required Core Courses (21 credits):

All of the following required core courses must be completed prior to the practicum, and many courses include field-based assignments

EEDUC 6174Literature for Children, Tweens, and Teens in a Diverse Society


EEDUC 6101Content Literacy


EECLD 6002Essential Linguistics: What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Language


EEDUC 6001The Teaching of Writing (K-12)


EEDUC 6136Struggling Readers and Writers


EEDUC 6135Assessment: A Literacy Perspective


EEDUC 7103Roles of the Language Arts Professional: Consultation and Collaboration


EEDUC 7103: may be taken concurrently with EEDUC 7105

Practicum (6 credits):

Prerequisites: Successful completion of required pre-practicum courses and satisfactory completion of appropriate Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) requirements. This 150-hour practicum is accompanied by a weekly seminar and requires a field experience fee.

EEDUC 7105Practicum: Interactive Assessment and Instruction for Literacy


Required Research Courses (9 credits):

EEDUC 7102Research in Reading


Select two of the following 3-credit research courses, in consultation with advisor:

EAGSR 7210Program Evaluation


EAGSR 7101Quantitative Research Methods I: Statistics for Research


EAGSR 7102Quantitative Research Methods II: Research Design


EAGSR 7103Qualitative Research Methods I


CAGS Courses (6 credits):

EEDUC 8001Advanced Professional Seminar



EARED 8000Advanced Professional Seminar



EEDUC 7003Directed Study: Reading and Language Arts


Capstone and CAGS Qualifying Examinations (3 credits):

EEDUC 7999Independent Study: Qualifying Portfolio and Oral Examination