2020-2021 Graduate Academic Catalog

Payment Information

Notification of tuition bills are emailed to your Lesley email address requesting that you log into the Student Account Center (SAC) at lesley.afford.com/. Your tuition and fee charges can be paid online with an American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA credit card. Payments made by credit card and debit card are subject to a non-refundable 2.5% convenience fee (subject to change).  Check and ACH payments can be made online at no additional fee.  Checks mailed to the University should be made payable to Lesley University and include the student's full name and Lesley ID number to ensure proper applications to the student account. It is the student's responsibility to ensure payments are credited to the student account by the payment due date for each semester. Please allow at least ten business days for payments mailed to the University to avoid late payment fees.

The student is responsible for updating their mailing address, phone number and email address with the Lesley Lynx Solution Center. Address changes can be made on your LOIS account.

If paying via wire transfer, please contact the Lesley Lynx Solution Center to obtain bank information via email at solutioncenter.lesley.edu/s/ or by telephone at 617.349.8760 and create a case.

Any check drawn on a foreign bank may incur collection and/or bank fees for which the student is responsible.

Nonpayment of ChargesStudents who have not met their financial obligations to the University will not be allowed to register for additional courses, either via WebReg or paper registration, until their student account balance is paid in full. Grades, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld from students whose accounts show overdue balances. Students experiencing financial difficulties should contact the Lesley Lynx Solution Center as soon as possible to review the payment options available. If the unpaid balance is turned over to a collection agency or an attorney, the student will be required to pay all reasonable collections costs and fees incurred while trying to collect the balance owed, including reasonable attorney’s fees, to the extent permitted by law. All student accounts turned over for further collection activity will be reported to all major credit bureaus.

Pending Financial Aid: Pending financial aid amounts shown on the student account statement are anticipated funds, not actual credits. Further action may be required on the student’s part for these anticipated funds to be disbursed onto the student account. Pending awarded financial aid is deducted from the balance on the first bill each semester. Please note that loan amounts may be a percentage less than the pending awarded amount noted on the student account statement. It is the responsibility of the student to check your LOIS account to ensure that all required documentation is complete. Incomplete documentation or missing signatures will prevent aid and/or loan disbursements to the student account. While the Lesley Lynx Solution Center is happy to assist students with determining tuition balances and providing information on payment plans, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure their balance is paid in full by the determined due dates.

Confidentiality:  The Lesley Lynx Solution Center communicates directly with the student. If a student wants or needs members of the Lesley Lynx Solution Center to speak with parent(s), grandparent(s), aunt(s), uncle(s), or others, this information must be communicated in writing.  Permission must be granted by the student via the Student Account Center by granting payment access.  We do not provide student account information to people not granted this permission.

Payment PlansTo help students and their families manage the cost of education, the University has arranged with Nelnet to offer interest-free monthly payment options. Nelnet, lesley.afford.com, offers a summer, fall, and spring payment option to divide your student account balance into affordable payments. Each plan requires a non-refundable enrollment fee.

All payment plan options must be completed one month prior to your graduation date. Contact the Lesley Lynx Solution Center at 617.349.8760 or visit lesley.edu/students/financial-aid-bills-payments/pay-your-bill for further information and select the "Pay Your Bill" option.

Sponsored Billing:  If an outside agency or employer has agreed to pay all or part of a student's tuition and/or fees, billing authorization (purchase order) from the third party must be submitted to the Student Accounts Office prior to the payment deadline. The Student Accounts Office will then bill the agency for the amount they have agreed to pay. Any remaining balance will be billed to the student and is due prior to the payment due date.

Your sponsorship letter must:

  • Be typed on company letterhead
  • Include an authorized signature (not that of the student)
  • Include dates of sponsorship
  • Include which items will be paid (i.e. tuition and fees)
  • State that Lesley University must directly invoice the sponsoring agency
  • Include a billing address

Sponsorship cannot be contingent upon grades. Please retain a copy of your sponsorship letters as you may be held responsible for tuition and fees if the authorization has expired or is invalid for any reason.