2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IDESN 2300 Interactive Workshop

Interactive Workshop is comprised of two seven -week workshops that are an introduction to the web development and design process. 7 Weeks HTML/CSS: Introduction to the fundamentals of web design and development. Geared towards the novice web designer, this course covers beginner web coding (HTML/CSS) and the creative processes associated with web design according to industry practices. Course content includes file management, cross-browser compatibility, semantic mark-up and responsive design. Course technologies utilize HTML/CSS editors, HTML/CSS coding, CSS Frameworks and various web browser developer tools. 7 Weeks Site Architecture: Students learn how to visually diagram and map complex user interactions. Course will cover various types of diagramming (such as decision trees, user flows,hierarchical structures, matrices and isometrics)in the context of mapping websites for screen,tablet and mobile. Students will also learn the audit process for assessing an existing website. Various prototyping tools will be explored will aid in researching, sketching and designing clear and articulate narratives for user experiences.