2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IDFLM 3210 Production & Management

Production and Management focuses on generating original work in the form of a short film. Emphasis is on the elements of storytelling: beats, scenes, sequences, and scripts. Students connect with what they find meaningful; whether it's a personal story or something taken from the culture at large. Storyline and script must be built from the ground up. Understanding how to come to something from nothing provides the student with knowledge about storytelling they would not get if they were adapting a pre-existing story. Additionally, the scope of the semester involves creating scripts, building small production crews, working with actors, and developing realistic shooting schedules. Students are encouraged to carefully consider their locations and are asked to instill a spirit of teamwork and collaboration at this production level. The course also provides the student with lessons in production management, script breakdowns, budgets, scheduling, releases, call sheets, and a range of business skills necessary to create a successful short film.