2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IDFLM 4220 Thesis Seminar II

Your final semester is dedicated to editing and refining your film.  The same group will reassemble and new duties are assigned for each member of the team.  You will review your footage and decide if you need any scenes to be re-shot.  In the first two weeks you will be able to reshoot or begin to assembly process.  The producer and 1st AD will be the post production supervisors as well as defining possible markets, creating a strategic plan of execution for film festivals.  You will also be introduced to various market places (festivals, exhibitions…etc) you will be able to create posters, websites, and strong marketing materials geared to placing your film in the marketplace. An editor will be chosen to work with the director to realize the vision of the film.  Script continuity will work closely with the director  to insure all aspects/ logging/ organization of assembly to completion and become the main editor.  The cinematographer and gaffer will work on VFX, Color grading, and any other visual compositing as well as final output of the film format.  The sound mixer will be in charge of cleaning the production sound, finding sound effects, and final sound mix.   The team will use all available special effects, sound and various storytelling styles to insure your film is presentable for public consumption through the various platform.  You are required to exhibit your film within the school for juries as well as for a final thesis presentation.  Your final grade will be based on your presentation of evidence in having done your duties within the assigned jobs.