2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CARTH 3425 Advocacy & Wellbeing with Photography

Photographs create visual narratives, which can document the ongoing stories and dynamics within an individual’s life or that of a society.  Photographs can serve as nonverbal indicators of aspects that are worth exploring to generate beneficial change.  You will be guided through techniques of employing commonly used devices, such as the cellphone camera, and basic editing software.  Subsequently, we will look at visual narratives and counter-narratives to situate images in the context of psychological wellbeing and emotional healing.  We will be exploring visual narratives, created in a multitude of cultural contexts, by photographers such as Duane Michals, Sophie Calle, and Araki Nobuyoshi to name but a few.




CARTH 2423 or CEXTH 2623 or permission of instructor