2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CEDUC 2402 Content Area Reading in Grades 5-12

This course focuses on the research and instructional strategies relevant to content area reading in 5-12 classrooms. The major emphasis is placed on the teaching of reading in the content areas including the introduction of subject area vocabulary, pre-reading skills and activities, building comprehension skills, organizing information, and critical reading. Students examine a variety of methods for determining readability of subject area texts and supplementary materials. The course also includes the stages of the writing process and how those stages help to inform the students' understanding of the content area. Students learn to assess informally the reading and writing ability of pre-adolescents and adolescents. In addition, students learn to design and implement appropriate instructional strategies.




CEDUC 2360 or CEDUC 3451. A grade of C+ or higher in this course is a prerequisite to student teaching