2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CEDUC 3429 Early Intervention: Theory and Practice

This course provides an overview of the legislative history and theoretical foundations on which family-centered early intervention programs are based. A major focus is placed on the relationship among maturational processes, environmental influences, and individual differences among children and families in natural environments in light of the research done in these areas as well as on the development of "model" programs based on this research. The course emphasizes applications of research and model program frameworks to the development of strategies for intervention with children 0-3 and their families. Students also become familiar with the range of tools used in screening and assessment of infants toddlers and families; the process of IFSP development; and the components of planning and program development in early intervention.




CPSYC 2401, CEDUC 2351 and permission of the division director


As needed