2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CEDUC 3450 Teaching Middle/Secondary Mathematics: Exploring Connections

This course will engage students in exploring connections between various aspects of mathematics and teaching mathematics. Through course activities and school visits, students will consider connections between the mathematics that middle and secondary school students learn and mathematical knowledge of teachers, connections between topics encountered in their undergraduate mathematics courses and the mathematics they will be teaching, and connections between mathematical areas of study. Specifically, course activities will give students insight and understanding of middle and high school mathematics from an advanced viewpoint. The structure of the course enables a choice among mathematics topics for exploration. Specifically, different versions of the course may focus on different areas of school mathematics including, but not limited to: functions and modeling, geometry, algebra, and statistics and probability. This course will be taught primarily by a mathematics educator, with guest facilitation by a mathematician, when possible.




CMATH 1990 and CMATH 2590 or equivalent


As needed