2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CHUMS 2200 Internship Planning and Preparation

The Internship Planning and Preparation Seminar leverages Lesley’s assets to best support you in preparation for your internship search.  Through weekly discussion, you will learn more about your internship requirements and receive feedback from your peers on relevant internship issues.  You’ll gain a better understanding of how the skills you’re developing in your Humanities coursework (critical thinking, writing/editing, languages, research, etc.) have prepared you for work in the field.  You’ll receive resources from Lesley’s Career Resource Center on how to develop a cover letter and resume’ for your internship search.  You will develop these supporting materials through the guidance and support of Lesley faculty as well as your peers.  The course will culminate with a meeting with the Internship Office to discuss Lesley’s affiliated internship sites and to provide you with personalized advice and information regarding your internship search.




CWRIT 1101