2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CMGMT 2550 Business Analytics I

A course in basic statistics is offered in a wide variety of disciplines--from the social sciences to business to the natural sciences. The same statistical methods are applied across disciplines. Therefore it should not be surprising that the tools you will learn to use in this course will benefit you in your future courses and careers regardless of whether your career interest is Finance, Accounting, MIS, Management, Marketing, or outside the business realm. In this course you will learn basic descriptive statistical methods, sampling methodology, how to draw inferences from samples to larger populations and how to make predictions based upon historical relationships between variables. We develop statistical methods of inductive reasoning to make the best-possible business decisions based on available partial (sample) information. We rely on deductive (mathematical) reasoning through Probability as a vital tool to help us achieve that goal. (Class – 3 hours, Lab – 1 hour, Course hours – 4; Credit – 3 credits.) The lab component is 25% of the course grade and attendance is required. The lab is scheduled on a day that is different from the days that the class meets.




CMATH 1590 or CMGMT 1590, CMGMT 1451