2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CNSCI 4100 Research Internship and Seminar

This course is comprised of an internship and a weekly seminar for students majoring in Biology Earth and Environmental Sciences, or Environmental Studies. Students are required to secure an internship placement, with the assistance of the faculty advisor, in a field of scientific research and/or mathematical analysis and, in some cases, educational research and development. Students spend 90 hours or more in field environments, contributing to active scientific research and related curriculum development, learning about problems that science and mathematics are being used to solve, experiencing first-hand how science is done, and how mathematics provides the models for scientific reasoning. The seminar is designed to support the student's work experience and provide a structure for analysis of the work they are doing. A final project/presentation is required.




Fall, Spring, and Summer


Required to secure an internship with the assistance of the Internship Office and the faculty advisor; students spend up to 90 hours in their internships and attend a weekly two hour seminar.