2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CPHYS 2308 Organic Chemistry I with Lab

The primary objective of this class is to gain a basic understanding of Organic Chemistry. The class will start from an in-depth understanding of the periodic table: various properties of atoms and their implications. Then we will focus on various chemical bonds: ionic, covalent and coordination bonds, and also the concept of lone pair, Lewis structure, and single, double and triple bonding. Students will explore the four classes of hydrocarbons which form the basis of organic chemistry: alkane, alkene and alkyne and aromatic compounds. Student will explore nomenclature, hybridization and isomerism of these compounds. Students will learn the physical and chemical properties as they relate to real life examples such as life-saving drugs. The reactivity and their implication in the function of drugs will also be discussed.




CPHYS 1308