2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Human Services - Bachelor of Science (LCAL only Degree Completion Program)

Like the traditional Human Service Program, this LCAL-only degree completion program prepares students to work with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of human services settings. Human Services majors concentrate on gaining a foundation in the liberal arts, human growth and development, the human services delivery system, and the social policies that shape services delivery and provide for social needs.

This degree completion program is designed specifically to meet the needs of working adults to help to maximize their work experience, existing credits and time. In this program classes are offered consistently year-around in evenings, on weekends, and during the day, allowing students the flexibility to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in a timely manner.


Liberal Arts Requirements: 42 credits

Writing: 6

Humanities (American History and Literature): 9

Social Sciences: 9

Sciences and Mathematics (Natural Sciences and Mathematics): 6

Art: 6

Liberal Arts Electives: 6

III. Experiential Learning (13 Credits)

CHMSR 1551Foundations and Systems in the Helping Professions


CHMSR 2551Concepts and Skills in Professional Practice


Total Credit Hours:13
Two additional 3-credit internship courses are currently in development.

II. Choose 3 Courses (9 Credits)

CPSYC 2421Introduction to Counseling


CPSYC 3422Trauma and Crisis


CPSYC 3425Applied Group Dynamics


CPSYC 3427Family Interventions


CSOCL 3551Activism and Change in Communities


CSWRK 3201Case Management in Social Work and Counseling


CMGMT 3469Organizational Behavior and Ethics


Total Credit Hours:9

IV. Remaining Electives (35 Credits)

LCAL Options for Electives

AINTD 3008Introductory Seminar: Lives in Context


CWRIT 2250Writing Workshop


AWRIT 4010Prior Learning Assessment Preparation


Total Credit Hours:35

Lives in Context is the required Orientation course for all incoming adult students pursuing an individually designed program.

Students may have transferred a writing course or have met the writing requirement and be able to waive this course. However, students who have been out of school for a while or with insufficient writing skills are encouraged to take this course. The PLA course also requires a high level of writing as students are required to write essays to document prior learning.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an opportunity for students to gain credits for their work and life experiences which have resulted in extensive learning in one or more areas. Students may receive no more than 45 credits through this method. Portfolios are reviewed and assessed for final credit awards. Students may choose not to pursue this option and take courses instead.  For additional information on PLA, students may contact the PLA coordinator Eugene Ferraro at eferraro@lesley.edu.

I. Required Human Services Courses (21 Credits)

CPSYC 1401Lifespan Development


CSOCL 2402Sociology of Family


CSOCS 3444Research Methods in the Social Sciences


CBIOL 2502Essentials of Health


CPLCY 3552Social Policy


CSOCL 3445Race, Class and Gender


CHMSR 4551Senior Capstone Seminar: Human Services and Counseling


Total Credit Hours:21
Total: 120 credits