2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Expressive Arts Therapy Specialization (12 Credits)

The Expressive Arts Therapy Specialization is designed for Counseling majors who want to understand and include elements of the arts and the creative process into their work. All students in this specialization must complete the program requirements for the Counseling major, as well as the following specialization requirements.


Required Courses (9 Credits):

CEXTH 2623Principles of Expressive Arts Therapy


CEXTH 3623Expressive Arts Therapy Studio


CEXTH 3506Integrated Arts Approaches


One Additional Course (3 Credits):

Choose 3 credits from arts choice categories in the Expressive Arts Therapy major.

Note: Beginning second semester junior year students may choose from a wide variety of graduate level expressive therapy courses, please refer to the course listing of expressive arts therapy electives in the Expressive Arts Therapy major for options.  It is recommended that you discuss these choices with your advisor and have permission of the graduate course instructor.

Required Internships:

One of these internships must be in an approved site using the arts in a clinical situation.

CCOUN 3601Counseling Internship and Seminar I


CCOUN 4601Counseling Internship and Seminar II