2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Fine Arts

The Minor in Fine Arts can enhance anyone’s education and provide a basis for a lifetime of engagement with the arts. Fine Arts provides skills, creative thinking and appreciation applicable to many fields of study, especially for careers in education, counseling, therapy, business, marketing, communications, art history and any of the other visual art disciplines.

Required Course (3 credits)

IFINE 2115Fine Arts Drawing Studio I


Elective (9 credits)

Select THREE:

IFINE 1210Introduction to Painting


IFINE 1320Introduction to Sculpture


IFINE 2300Printmaking: Intaglio I



IFINE 2351Lithography I


IFINE 2445Core Clay I


Electives Courses (3 credits)

Students must fulfill Fine Arts Electives through courses with the prefix IFINE

IFINEFine Arts Elective


Program Notes

For further information about this minor please contact Matthew Cherry, Chair of Fine Arts, at 617.349.8004 or matthew.cherry@lesley.edu.  To declare this as your minor complete a Request for Change of School or Program form and submit it to the Registrar’s office in University Hall, Porter Square.  You are responsible for determining how the change in program affects your educational plans.