2021-2022 Graduate Academic Catalog

Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness Studies 15 credits

The Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness Studies will provide students with a strong foundation in the history, theory, and practice of mindfulness so that they may integrate mindfulness into their professional practices and personal lives. This program is especially suitable for health and wellness professionals, social workers, counselors, educators, and who wish to develop their own practice of mindfulness and to share these practices with students, clients and colleagues.

Students in the 15-credit certificate may apply to transfer into the Mindfulness Studies master's degree program at any time during the certificate program.

Program of Study: Certificate

Semester One

GMIND 6042Mindfulness: Practice, Theory, and Science


GMIND 6049Contemplative Practice Traditions


Semester Two

GWKSP 6062Mindfulness Studies Residency


GMIND 6047Mindful Communication


GMIND 6050Mindful Leadership and Social Change


Semester Three

GMIND 6057Meditation Retreat: Toward Insight Concentration and Wisdom