2021-2022 Graduate Academic Catalog

Graduate School of Education Mission Statement

We prepare graduates to make positive contributions as teachers, school and community leaders, arts administrators, and members of other transformative professions in the human arts. Because we are acutely aware that these professions can help foster a more just and fair society, our students also graduate ready to serve as anti-bias and anti-racist change agents. We design collaborative, creative learning environments where inquiry and self-reflection are central. Accordingly, we cultivate inclusive, innovative, and interdisciplinary pedagogical practices that are essential to the development of deep learning and critical thinking. 


Core Values

Democracy and Civic-Mindedness

We believe the fundamental purpose of education in a democratic society is to provide opportunities for all persons to participate, as informed and active citizens, in the cultural, political, and economic life of their communities, the nation, and the world.

Equity and Justice

We commit to developing a responsive and inclusive curriculum and sustaining a caring learning community that reflect equity and cultural awareness, and to graduate students who will act as change agents in their own environments. We will build a network of diverse and knowledgeable practitioners to transform institutions toward a more just and equitable society.


We believe that facilitated inquiry is a critical element of the learning process, wherein faculty and students co-construct knowledge and negotiate problem-solving. Educators must nurture learners’ natural curiosity, which will enhance academic experiences and lead to deeper understanding. By expanding their critical thinking, language, and literacy skills, students will be inspired to question, and be equipped to assess the quality and accuracy of what they read or hear.


Because learning takes place in formal and informal settings, both educators and students must have the skills to relate to others, listen actively, and learn from one another’s perspectives. We intentionally create a safe and supportive learning community that is culturally and linguistically aware and trauma-sensitive.

Leadership and Advocacy

We empower our graduates to become leaders and take an active role in their work and in community environments. We commit to being social change agents, allies, and advocates whose aim is to improve the lives of those we serve. 


Lifelong Learning 
As lifelong learners who deeply value our profession, we strive to improve our practice. We cultivate this pursuit of excellence and love of continuous learning in our students. We learn from and with our students. We encourage each other to develop the habits of
evidenced-based thinking, self-reflection, and inquiry that will foster continuous development throughout our careers and civic lives.

Accepted April 13, 2021