2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IFINE 2590 Kinetic Sculpture

This class provides an opportunity to produce kinetic works that are mechanically and aesthetically compelling. Students will work to understand how materials and processes can be harnessed to produce movement. They will learn about pulleys, bearings, gears, and other mechanical components which help to get things moving. They will also utilize some basic electronic and digital fabrication skills to further develop a kinetic toolset. Students will study basic mechanical movements in order to understand how they work, and to attain the level of precision necessary for making kinetic sculptures. While this course is technically driven - we will also spend time looking at contemporary and historical kinetic artworks, to understand the visual, expressive and conceptual impact such work can provide and provoke. There is a physical dimension and a conceptual dimension, and we will seek to understand both. (No previous experience in either the Woodshop or Digital Fabrication Lab is necessary to take this course.)