2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IILLU 3960 The Working Illustrator

This course focuses on the transition from student to professional illustrator and is broken into three main components: marketing and self-promotion, real-world experience and how to land and keep jobs. While the subjects overlap in content, we dedicate time to understanding strategies specific to each. Throughout the semester, the course explores potential career choices available after graduation, including agency work, in-house illustration teams and freelance opportunities. It examines methods for marketing one's portfolio both online and off, as well as techniques for professional networking in a connected world. Students research subjects critical to the professional illustrator, including marketing, networking, agency representation, ethical guidelines, pricing and contracts, client management, participating in the illustration community and maintaining a successful studio practice. The course structure combines readings, lectures, visiting speakers, real-world illustration work and developing and marketing a portfolio website.