2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IPHOT 3715 Landscape of Memory: Histories

Landscape of Memory: Histories is a portfolio seminar that discusses the significance of past events in the context of individual and collective memory. Ruins, landscapes and the urban environment will serve as platforms for investigating experiences that are of historical, political, socio-economic, environmental or cultural importance. Students will be encouraged to situate themselves within the work of artists who have dealt with these themes such as Shimon Attie, Alfredo Jaar, An My Li, Sophie Ristelhueber, Richard Misrach, Kara Walker, Mark Klett, Sally Mann, W.G. Sebald, Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, Claude Lanzmann, and Susan Meiselas. Students will be encouraged to verbally and visually articulate the significance of an experience of the past and its impact on understanding the present in order to enable students to understand the complexities of cultural and individual inheritance. Video, installation, photography, fine art, or mixed media are encouraged.