2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CBIOL 4110 Biology of Fishes (Marine Studies Consortium Course)

This upper-level survey course covers the evolution, systematics, anatomy, physiology, and behavior of freshwater, marine, and anadromous fishes from temperate to tropical environments. The course also examines the diversity of fish interactions in aquatic communities: predator/prey relationships, host/symbiont interactions, and the various roles of fishes as herbivores. Study of inter- and intra-specific predator/prey relationships among fish populations in aquatic communities integrates principles of ecology. Access to the collection of the New England Aquarium provides an extraordinary opportunity to understand principles of ichthyology through the study of living fish.




6 credits from CBIOL, CNSCI, or CPHYS at the 3000 level or higher


Off campus; Marine Studies Consortium course; involves fee