2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

CPSYC 3429 Understanding Addictions

This course will cover all of the major content areas in addiction psychology from its biological foundation, to how it is perceived and understood by ourselves and others, to psychopathology and treatment methods, with emphasis on social and cultural considerations. Underlying factors that are common in cases of addiction and different classifications of substances and other addictive behaviors will be identified. Historical and current theories of addiction disorders will be explored, with particular focus on the harm reduction and stage of change models.




class='sc-courselink' href='/en/2021-2022/Undergraduate-Academic-Catalog/Undergraduate-Programs-and-Courses/College-of-Liberal-Arts-and-Sciences-Courses/CPSYC-Psychology/2000/CPSYC-2421'>CPSYC 2421 and one additional CPSYC course