2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Accelerated Master's Degree in Global Studies/International Higher Education

The accelerated master’s program in Global Studies/International Higher Education is designed for the exceptional student interested in accelerating his or her education experience in a program combining the curriculum of the undergraduate Global Studies Major and the master’s program in International Higher Education. Students eligible for the accelerated master’s program demonstrate a high level of maturity, superior academic achievement, and demonstrated intercultural experience (including home, work, or study abroad experience). The integrated program requires that students can engage in the academic rigor of a graduate education by the time they reach the second semester of their junior year in the undergraduate program in Global Studies. In that semester and afterward, students in the accelerated program must be able to complete one graduate course a semester. Qualified students apply in the fall of their junior year (or by the time they have earned the equivalent in credits) and must be accepted by meeting the admissions standards of the MA program in International Higher Education.

Admissions Criteria for Accelerated Master’s Degree Global Studies/International Higher Education:

  • A 3.3 GPA
  • An official Lesley University transcript showing that the student has accrued at least 60 credits
  • Two (2) Recommendations. One must be from a professor in Lesley University’s undergraduate program in Global Studies. One must address the student’s intercultural experience.
  • Completed graduate admissions application
  • A written personal statement focusing on the student’s intercultural experience and interest in graduate work in intercultural relations
  • Successful completion of an admissions interview and review process through the Master of Arts program in International Higher Education
For further information, contact Professor Leela Tanikella (ltanikel@lesley.edu).

Details of the program: 

Application to program in fall of junior year (or completion of a minimum of 60 undergraduate credits) for admission to program in spring of junior year (or after completion of a minimum of 75 credits). Students will enroll in one of the following graduate courses in spring of junior year, fall of senior year, and spring of senior year (or one in each of the final three semesters) of their undergraduate program:

GINTC 6000  Foundations of International Higher Education

GINTC 6100  Identity and Belonging in a Categorized World 

GINTC 6105  Student Learning and Development Through International Higher Education

These core courses in the master’s program will replace the elective requirements for their BA in Global Studies and will meet some of the core requirements for their MA in International Higher Education. Following graduation from the undergraduate program, students will take 2 courses/6 credits in IHE in the summer immediately following graduation, then 3 courses/9 credits in each of the following fall and spring semesters.