2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Counseling Dual Degree Program

Bachelor of Science/Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling*

(Both the undergraduate and graduate degrees are awarded at the completion of the joint program.)

* Students interested in this dual degree program should speak to the Dual Degree Coordinator for Counseling, Dr. Katherine Barone.

Description of the Program

The integrated dual degree honors-level program has been developed for exceptional students who are interested in and capable of accelerating their educational experience in a program combining the curriculum of the undergraduate Counseling major and a graduate program in a 6-year Clinical Mental Health Counseling (60 credits – licensure oriented program). Students should carefully explore the graduate-level program with the coordinator and the graduate school liaison before applying. Graduates of the dual degree program will have met the academic requirements but not all field based learning requirements for professional licensure in Massachusetts and most states, at the completion of the program at Lesley.

The program is designed for students who demonstrate a high level of maturity and academic potential. The integrated programs demand that students be able to achieve the academic rigor of graduate education by the time they reach their junior year (approximately 60 credits) of traditional undergraduate study. Students should have completed at least one internship or work with clients in a direct service role and should have completed at least half of their undergraduate academic requirements, including the counseling major requirements. 

Students in the accelerated program must be able to achieve a level of introspection and cultural awareness necessary to engage in clinical work at a relatively young chronological age. Qualified students who express interest early in their counseling program, will be reviewed by Psychology & Applied Therapies Division faculty and if recommended, apply by mid-fall of their junior year (or when approximately 55-65 credits are completed). Students will take both undergraduate and graduate courses over the last 3 semesters of their undergraduate program.



Students will be eligible for admission into the programs through application during the fall only; transfer students and adult learners should consult with the coordinator as soon as possible if interested in this program. All applicants should attend one of the twice yearly information sessions offered by the Division of Psychology and Applied Therapies and must meet individually with the Dual Degree Coordinator.   

Admission criteria include:

  • achievement of a cumulative GPA 3.3;
  • letter of academic support from Dual Degree coordinator;
  • recommendations by Psychology & Applied Therapies Division core faculty;
  • a recommendation letter from a site based supervisor or internship supervisor;
  • a score of 396 or higher on the Miller’s Analogy Test;
  • completing a graduate school group information session;
  • and successful completion of an interview with a GSASS Counseling Psychology faculty member.  

Please note: All applications items must be submitted before November 1st.

Transfer students who wish to be eligible to enter this program should follow the requirements for the Counseling major and strive to take client focused (non-administrative) internships or seek work in a human services type setting for summer jobs before applying to Lesley.  Adult learners may be able to apply to this program after one semester at Lesley, if they meet all other application requirements.  Transfer students should contact the Dual degree coordinator as early as possible but at least by the end of June prior to enrolling with 60 or more credits into Lesley.   Once accepted into the program, a student will work closely with the Dual Degree Coordinator and their Graduate school advisor to choose an appropriate course sequence.