2021-2022 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Liberal Studies - Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts (LCAL Only) (30 credits)

The individually-designed Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies is Lesley’s signature adult degree-completion program.  Students graduate with either a BA or BS in Liberal Studies with an individually designed concentration in the student’s area of choice.  Our most flexible degree, the Liberal Studies program maximizes transfer and prior learning credit and allows students to craft a concentration that meets their unique professional goals and academic interests.  

Students work with a professional advisor to design their individual concentration area which may include on-campus, off -campus, or online classes, internships, and independent study.  This program enables students to select courses to prepare them for graduate study; hone skills needed for a current job; or dive into a specific discipline to prepare for professional advancement.

The Liberal Studies program is available in Cambridge, at all off-campus locations, and online.

Degree Requirements

Liberal Arts Requirements (42 Credits)

Liberal Arts courses may be fulfilled via transfer credit, Prior Learning Assessment, or Lesley courses.

Electives (48 Credits)

Electives may be fulfilled via transfer credit, Prior Learning Assessment, or Lesley courses.

Concentration Requirements (30 Credits)

There are 6 required credits and 24 credits of individually designed courses relevant to the students selected concentration area.

I. Required Core (6 Credits):

All students will take the core 6 credits (unless requirements satisfied via transfer or other prior learning experience):
AINTD 2008Transition Seminar: Lives in Context


AINTD 4002Research Capstone


II. Individually Designed Concentration (24 Credits)

Students work with an academic advisor to select eight (8) courses relevant to their concentration or area of focus.