2021-2022 Student Handbook

Copyright Infringement Policy (Music, Audio, and Video Files; Non-Academic)

Unauthorized sharing of peer to peer file copyrighted works, including music, pictures, and movies, is a violation of University policy. It is also illegal.  Violating copyright law is a serious offense. Use of a University computer or personal computer utilizing the University server to illegally download or upload audio, video, or other questionable copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer to peer file-sharing, will constitute a violation of this Policy and will be referred to the Dean of Student Life and Academic Development. Possible University sanctions include probation, removal from accessing the university network, and disciplinary action.  Court and government sanctions may include criminal prosecution and criminal or civil penalties, including but not limited to injunctions and actual and statutory damages.

Please refer to the Acceptable Use Policy lesley.edu/acceptable-use-of-technology-policy and the University’s Policy on Copyrighted Works lesley.edu/use-of-copyrighted-works-policy for more information.