2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalog

Accelerated Master of Business Administration

This program gives qualified undergraduates the opportunity to complete the master’s degree (MBA) in an accelerated fashion. Students accepted into this accelerated master's program begin taking graduate courses in their senior year, fulfilling both the undergraduate and graduate requirements. These students will be ready to take the graduate management courses required for specialization in the fifth year. Students also benefit from the Lesley Dividend Program) by receiving 12 free graduate credits toward their MBA – 6 at the beginning and 6 at the conclusion of their program. 

The accelerated program offers:

  • Both a bachelor and master degree at the end of 5 years
  • Greater in-depth preparation
  • Assurance to employers of outstanding applicants, since the criteria for admission to this program are rigorous
  • Opportunity to include a specialization in one or more management fields through a combination of undergraduate and graduate study
  • A more financially attractive program than a traditional two-phase model (B.S. then MBA)
  • Immersion in integrated undergraduate and graduate training allows the students to concentrate their efforts in a continuous program incorporating theory and practice throughout their five years
  • Strength and support afforded a student through development of long-term professional relationships with faculty members

Application Process:

Students interested in the accelerated (“4 + 1”) MBA program should apply by the end of their sixth semester. The application form can be found here: www.lesley.edu/mba-apply.

Log in using your Lesley username (minus “@lesley.edu”) and password to access the form.  Once accepted, students may begin to plan when to begin taking up to 9 credits in MBA courses during their senior undergraduate year.  These courses must be fit into the UG degree plan as free electives and will later also be applied to the student’s graduate degree plan toward their MBA degree. Students may take any of the listed graduate-level MBA courses – except for the Practicum sequence – during the undergraduate segment of the Accelerated MBA Program.

Academic Standards:

Candidates must meet the academic standards of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. In order to be awarded the Master of Business Administration, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 GPA in all the graduate courses attempted.

Financial Aid:

Student in this program are eligible for undergraduate financial aid until they have accumulated 120 credits.  Students are eligible for graduate financial aid thereafter.


Tuition is assessed at the undergraduate rate for the first four years and at the graduate rate thereafter.


Students follow the registration procedures for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  Students must follow the program of study for the accelerated program.


The Lesley MBA Program of Study

MBA Core Curriculum

CMGMT 6700Leading and Managing in the 21st Century


CMGMT 6710What Outstanding Organizations Do Differently


CMGMT 6462Managerial Accounting for Decision Making


CMGMT 6463Technology and Operations Management


CMGMT 6464Managerial Economics & Finance


CMGMT 6465Marketing Management



CMGMT 7496Practicum I: Personal Branding and Career Management


CMGMT 7497Practicum II: Mess to Model


CMGMT 7498Practicum III: Model to Insight


CMGMT 7499Practicum IV: Insight to Impact



General Management (15 Credits)

CMGMT 6770Business Models


CMGMT 6760Measuring Success


CMGMT 6780Customer Value


CMGMT 6790Global Emerging Markets


CMGMT 6800Simplicity/Innovation/Disruption