2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalog

President & Leadership

President:  Janet L. Steinmayer



Deanna Yameen
Interim Provost         
Nathaniel Mays
Dean of Student Life and Academic Development
Michelle Davis
Head of University Marketing and Communications             
Mary-Jane McLaughlin
Chief Human Resources Officer
Position Being Filled
Vice President for Advancement
Emma Stellman
Managing Director, Office of Partnership 
Position Being Filled
Vice President of Finance and
Chief Financial Officer
Shirin Philipp
Vice President and General Counsel
Joanne Kossuth
Chief Operating Officer
Gloria Noronha
Vice President of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice
Steve Shapiro
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Jen Thorell
Executive Director, Threshold Program
Tom Englehardt
Vice President for Enrollment Initiatives 


Art Bardige
Hal Belodoff, Vice Chair
Cecelia Fitzgibbon
Susan Luick Good
Veronica Ohanian Heath
Nina Houghton
Juanita James, Vice Chair
Michael Mooney
David I. Newton
Georgette Chapman Phillips
Deborah Schwartz Raizes
Thomas N. Riley
Barbara Weinstein Russell, Vice Chair
Lynda-Lee Sheridan
David B. Smith
Janet Steinmayer, President
Hans D. Strauch, Chair

Carol C. Moriarty, Trustee Emerita
Donald M. Perrin, Trustee Emeritus
Patricia R. Squire, Trustee Emerita

The members of the President's Cabinet and the Lesley University Board of Trustees may also be found at the link below: