2023-2024 Graduate Academic Catalog

Mathematics Education Programs

The mathematics programs offered by the Lesley University Graduate School of Education are designed to provide new and veteran teachers with ways to update and deepen their background in mathematics. Programs contain core and mathematics specialization courses that address mathematics content, current issues in educational practice and policy, curriculum theory and development, practical and applied action research, equity in education, and the synthesis of coursework and research.

For current information on state testing requirements for initial licensure programs, Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) test administration dates, and the Lesley University MTEL policy, see Lesley's Certification and Educator Licensure web page.

M.Ed. Programs leading to Initial Teacher License in Massachusetts:

M.Ed. in Middle School Mathematics (5-8)

M.Ed. in Middle School Mathematics/Science (5-8)

M.Ed. in High School Mathematics (8-12)

M.Ed. Programs leading to Professional Teacher License in Massachusetts:

M.Ed. in Mathematics Education (1-6) or (5-8) 

Graduate Certificate:

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education